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The Many Uses of Honey

A small bowl of honey with some drizzling off the end of the honey dipper back into the bowl. There are several pieces of honeycomb off to the side of the bowl of honey.

Honey is one of those magical substances that has so many different uses. September is National Honey Month, so here on the Liv North Scottsdale Blog, we are spotlighting honey and several of its uses and benefits you can enjoy right in your apartment. Pick up some honey from your favorite grocery store here in North Scottsdale, AZ and try these uses out.

Surprising Ways to Use Honey


Raw honey can cleanse and restore the health of your hair and scalp. Try making this DIY honey shampoo to cleanse, moisturize and restore shine to your hair. The post even has tips for figuring out if honey shampoo can work for you, with tips for how to store it if you love it!

Improve Allergies

Local raw honey can help with seasonal allergies. Simply eat a spoonful every day. 

Lower Cholesterol

Honey can help to lower your cholesterol and as a result, decrease your risk for coronary artery disease. 

Fight Acne

Honey makes an affordable face cleanser with its natural purifying properties. It is also very gentle on the skin so it can be used by anyone, including people with sensitive skin. Just use half a teaspoon of warm honey and spread it evenly on your face with clean hands. Leave on for 10 minutes and wash off with warm water.

And, because who doesn’t love the taste of honey, we’ve included a few honey-themed recipes for you to try this month. 

Honey-Themed Recipes

Vanilla Honey Caramels

These sweet caramels can be given out as gifts or you can keep a batch all to yourself. Use sugar, honey, vanilla extract, heavy cream, butter, and coarse sea salt to make these.

Honey-Sesame Popcorn

Need a sweet low-calorie snack? This popcorn is perfect for your next movie night or to snack on while binge-watching your favorite show on Netflix. You will need popped popcorn, sugar, salt, toasted sesame oil, black or white sesame seeds, non-stick cooking spray, honey, unsalted butter, and baking soda. 

What’s your favorite thing about honey? Share any uses for it or honey-based recipes you have with the rest of the apartment community by leaving a comment. Thanks for reading! We hope these ideas benefit you this month.