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Shish Kabobs for Your Next BBQ

skewered vegetables on a grill

In Arizona, June may be pushing it for a barbecue in the middle of the day, but push it back to the evening, and it’s a win. While traditional grilled foods like burgers, brats, steaks, and chicken are nice, why not take your barbecue a step further with shish kabobs? Just imagine it — tasty morsels of meat and vegetables, shrimp or salmon, or even fruit on the grill for your next BBQ. Today, the Liv North Scottsdale Blog has some shish kabob recipes to get your mouth watering and your imagination flowing. Our outdoor summer kitchen, just one of our apartment community amenities, is the perfect place to get your grillin’ on.  

A Few Tips for Making Shish Kabobs

1) To avoid soaking bamboo skewers each time you need them, soak a big batch once for an hour or so, drain, then freeze them in a plastic bag. When it's time to grill, pull out as many skewers as you need.

2) Cut kabob ingredients into uniform size pieces so they will cook in about the same amount of time.

3) Kabob ingredients, such as chicken pieces, will stay juicier longer if they are touching one another on the skewers

Shish Kabob Recipes

Grilled Steak, Potato, and Mushroom Kabobs

This recipe is perfect for the steak lover. This comes from Let’s Dish. You’ll need steak, mushrooms, potatoes, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, garlic, salt, pepper, rosemary, and oregano. Heat up the grill and get ready for a juicy and delicious kabob.  

Grilled Lemon Oregano Chicken & Shrimp Skewers

This is a delicious and simple recipe use can use with chicken or shrimp. It comes from Yummy Healthy Easy. You’ll need chicken breasts, large shrimp, lemon zest, lemon juice, olive oil, garlic, salt, pepper, oregano, and wooden skewers.

Grilled Fajita Vegetable Skewers

For the vegetarian, we have a delicious vegetable skewer combination that’s sure to be delicious. This recipe comes from A Spicy Perspective. You’ll need corn on the cob, zucchini, red bell pepper, red onion, Brussel sprouts, mushrooms, butter, fajita seasoning mix, fresh lemon juice, and wooden or metal skewers.

Brownie & Fruit Kabobs

Who says kabobs are only for meat and vegetables? We love these dessert kabobs from Betty Crocker made by alternating brownie cubes and fruits on a skewer. Drizzle with chocolate sauce and prepare to wow your guests. To make these you will need skewers, brownie mix (plus eggs, water, & oil), strawberries, bananas, pineapple, and chocolate chips and butter for the chocolate sauce. This might not be a recipe for the grill but it’s delicious regardless. Yum!  

What are your favorite grilling recipes? Feel free to share in the comments. Have a great May here in North Scottsdale! Thanks for reading today’s post.