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Mind Your Manners: Tips for Living in an Apartment Community

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Living in an apartment is great, but it also means interacting with more people than you might have to in another situation. Liv North Scottsdale is a community that values your privacy and comfort here in North Scottsdale, AZ, so today we’re giving some refreshers on apartment etiquette. It’s especially relevant in September — it’s National Courtesy Month! Celebrate all year long by remembering these tips.

Respect common areas.

Community areas are there for everyone to enjoy, so do your part to keep them in tip-top shape so everyone can. Beyond cleaning and caring for equipment or the area itself, be willing to share when necessary and respectfully communicate in case of emergencies or disagreements. Your efforts will mean a lot to everyone in the community!

Be careful around animals.

Liv North Scottsdale is a pet-friendly apartment community, and we know how delightful animals are. But they’re not always as predictable as they seem, and like humans, they deserve respect and care. Communicate with owners of any animals you see before petting or letting your little ones pet them. If you’re a pet owner, do what you can to teach your pet to be friendly around others, keep up with their immunizations, and clean up after your pet.

Mind your manners.

This applies to every aspect of life, whether you’re in an apartment community or not — and it even applies to each of the following tips we’re sharing. But it deserves a highlight because it’s so universal. Minding your manners means thinking of others’ comfort and doing what you can to help that. Think of others’ needs and wishes and be willing to make accommodations to help everyone feel respected and happy. This means keeping the noise in your apartment down and even being friendly to those you interact with, even in passing. Politeness does a lot to foster healthy communication and peaceful living.

We appreciate the members of our apartment community! Thanks for taking the time out to read our post.