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Keeping the Social Tiger in Check: How to Manage Your Screen Time

A line of young adults holding cell phones

Do you ever feel like you’re on your mobile device too much? Has someone ever commented on your cell phone use? In this week’s Liv North Scottsdale Blog, we’ll share with you some things to do to help you disconnect from technology and enjoy your Arizona summer more!

No Technology in the Bedroom

How many times have you decided to go to bed and end up on your phone for hours until you finally decide you have to get to sleep at 3 in the morning? Leaving technology out of your bedroom is a good way of ensuring that you actually sleep. Keeping your tech out of sight will keep it out of mind. The common argument for keeping technology close by (especially your phone) is being in reach in case of emergency, which is valid, but if you are expecting emergency phone calls, you can keep your phone charging away from where you sleep, preferably in a place where you have to get up out of bed to retrieve your phone.

Pick up a Book

For all the reading we do on our smartphones and on our computers, we tend to shy away from picking up a book and reading. Make it a goal to pick a book and read it cover to cover. Pick up a fantasy novel, thriller, or even a biography. When you do, leave your phone in another room, turn the TV off, and go to a quiet spot so that you aren’t distracted. Let yourself be free of distraction to soak in the literary brilliance. 

Leave Your Phone at Home

For people who are especially attached to their devices, an option for disconnecting is actually leaving your phone at your apartment. If you are headed out for a short period of time, or if you’re headed out with a friend and wish to focus on social interactions, go ahead and leave your phone at home. Once you get over the initial withdrawal, you’ll find that without the distraction of your phone, or the social crutch of ignoring everyone else for your screen, you can more fully enjoy the company of the friends you’re with. 

Try a New Skill (sans your phone)

Find a new passion by trying something you’ve always wanted to try but haven’t gotten around to doing yet. If you can think of it, there’s probably a YouTube tutorial or a step-by-step guide you can find online for it. Need ideas? How about painting, drawing, writing a story, learning shorthand, crocheting or knitting, photography, growing plants, learning a musical instrument, or learning or perfecting a language. You can also ask someone to help you learn to form and strengthen bonds while you do.

We hope you take some time this month to focus on living without your screens. Thanks for taking the time to read our post.