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Four Things About Your Apartment to Be Grateful For

Liv North Scottsdale swimming pool lit up at night time.

It’s the details that make living at Liv North Scottsdale a great experience. This month we want to highlight a few key amenities or aspects of living at our apartment community here in Arizona that many of our residents appreciate.

Online Payments

Even with all the advances in technology we all enjoy, there are plenty of apartment communities that still don’t have the capacity to accept online payments. Liv Communities is pleased to offer this important amenity to residents across all our properties. It not only makes the act of paying rent easier, but it also saves you money and stress!

A Convenient Location

North Scottsdale is a beautiful place to live. In addition to Liv North Scottsdale, Liv Communities offers a variety of apartment communities all over the area. We’re glad you chose us! Our awesome location is close to all the things you need for your lifestyle, be that shopping options, entertainment, or even your commute to work. 

Beautiful, Comfortable Homes

Your home should reflect your priorities and tastes for comfort, convenience, and style — and our apartments are great for providing just what you need and want. Check out our amenities! Are you using all of them? Are there any you didn’t know about? We invite you to take advantage of all we have to offer. You can be proud to come home to and show off any one of our apartments, with their convenient, practical layouts and stylish design.

Attentive Staff

Our on-site management staff is here to reflect our values and show our residents that we care. Get your problems fixed promptly by contacting support right when an issue arises. Call or stop by to take advantage of our Liv Simply concierge services. Meet us in person to experience a taste of our friendly, welcoming atmosphere all year long.

What is your favorite thing about Liv North Scottsdale? Let us know in the comments or stop by and leave a review.